Stainless Steel Sign Plate

Jan 6, 2015

Stainless steel sign plate is a kind of sign plate which uses the stainless steel plate as the material and is processed through the corrosion, cast or printing method. As a kind of special materials, stainless steel plate is processed more difficultly than the copper plate or aluminum plate. But it has good resistance performance to the corrosion of the atmosphere and fresh water medium, and through the corrosion, polishing, and wire drawing, it can get more beautiful decorative effect. Stainless steel sign plate used at the present stage is mostly processed by corrosion technology production, and this kind of sign plate has beautiful patterns with clear lines and appropriate depth, and it has flat bottom, full color, uniform wire drawing and consistent surface color.

Stainless steel sign plate is widely used in public facilities, such as the toilet door logo, which reads push and pull. Stainless steel plate is not easy to rust, so it has long service life. It is relatively light in weight, but it has a good metal texture, letting people have high-grade and serious feeling, which will be helpful to easily reach the reminding and warning purposes.