How To Pick A Lock Cylinder

Dec 11, 2014

The lock cylinder is the core part matched with the key to rotate and drive of the lock bolt. It is the heart of the lock, so it is very important to choose a lock core. And here are some tips to pick the lock cylinder.

The first one is mainly to see the structure of the lock cylinder. Blade side column structure is often much better than the traditional hoodle type structure. The second is to weigh the weight. The more the weight is, the better the quality of the lock cylinder is. A lock with more beads in the core can perform the better anti-theft function. The third is to see the color and work. Good-quality lock core, with smooth surface and bright color, adopts the electroplating processing. The lock cylinder with deep yellow color is copper core, which is relatively strong and can do better anti-theft performance. The lock cylinder with bubble and the gray color is made by zinc alloy, and its anti-theft performance is general. Fourth, half insert the key into the lock, rotate and continue to press the key into the lock. If the key can be successful inserted into the lock, the anti-theft effect of the lock cylinder is good.