Single Action Spring Hinges

Sep 2, 2013

Spring-hinged doors conveniently open, close and latch on their own, and are appropriate for all types of settings including indoor, outdoor, home and commercial. Spring hinges are not difficult to attach to a door and just a handful of basic tools are required. Once installed, the tension on spring hinges can be adjusted to create the desired force.

Spring hinges are on doors that require automatically closing capabilities without the use of a door closer. There is a spring inside the barrel that adjusts to provide the closing action. Some house doors have these types of hinges and are recognizable by the two holes on the side of the barrel where a hinge pin sits on a standard hinge. To remove spring hinges from a door requires releasing the spring tension inside the barrel. The spring hinge removes in one piece.

Few things are more irritating than a door that won't open or close properly. Repairs are often easily made and are not at all time consuming. They simply require the proper tools. The right tools for adjusting single-action spring hinges can be unorthodox if the exact textbook tool is not at hand.

Packaged Tools         

The first place to turn for an adjustment tool is inside the original spring packaging itself. Typically a single-action spring hinge is sold with a Tension Lever Adjusting Tool included. This tool can be inserted in an aperture on the spring body and turned until the spring comes to the appropriate position.    

On-hand Tools         

If the packaging and/or this tool is no longer available, you have other options. A 2- to 3-inch nail is one option, and an ice pick is another. The requirements for this tool seem to be merely that it is of a diameter to fit inside the hole on the spring and that it is strong enough to make the rotation.    

Allen Wrench Set         

A final option may be an Allen wrench. Often sold in sets that look a bit like a Swiss Army Knife when folded up, these are handy tools to have for all kinds of purposes. Allen wrenches comes in sizes ranging from the minuscule to much larger. Somewhere along the spectrum, one of the useful little steel beams should help in the hinge adjustment process.