More information of door bolt

Oct 22, 2013

A door bolt is a type of security lock. They are often used on home entrances or any other doors that need additional security. There are several types of door bolts, including the deadbolt, spring lock, mortise lock, and slide bolt. Keyless bolts and night latches are also popular, particularly for commercial settings.

The type of bolt known as the mortise lock is actually a type of deadbolt. It is also mounted directly into the door and frame and latches the door to the frame with the use of a sliding metal rod. This type of door bolt is normally operated by a key rather than a thumb latch. Quite often, it is part of the doorknob casing itself and is a very common type of door bolt for many residential houses and apartments.

Some door bolts are specifically designed for the higher security needs of commercial structures. For instance, the night latch is a type of door bolt that locks automatically when a door is closed. This can be important in settings such as day care facilities when parents go in and out to pick up their children but do not have a key to lock the door after they leave the premises. Also, keyless deadbolts, which are operated by a specific code entered on an electronic keypad, provide a higher degree of security because there is no risk of a key being lost or stolen. While originally designed for commercial settings, keyless bolts are being used more and more in residential settings.

A car door latch can be repaired by unplugging the black cable from the battery. The power controls are disconnected. The inner panel of the car door is removed. The actuator rods can be connected to the latch. The boats that held the latch are removed.

Deadbolt locks are installed to provide additional security for you and your family. The deadbolt needs to be installed in line with the door handle, but should remain at least six inches above or below the door handle. All the installation hardware is included with the deadbolt, as well as a template for you to place on the door. Using the template will greatly reduce the time involved with locating the deadbolt and locking mechanism.